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Pureology Smooth Perfection Review

As you regular readers may know, I’ve been noticeably hesitant to splurge on hair care. Okay, let’s be real, I’ve been a Pantene kind of girl for quite a while. I just never really noticed enough of a difference…


Essie Nail Polish Haul

I’ve never really been the girl who could be counted on to do a flawless mani. Growing up, I was always really bad at doing my nails, so much so that any attempt at a relaxing mani would just…


My Glam & Go Experience

Recently, the kind folks over at Glam & Go offered me a chance to get my hair done at any one of their New York City locations. Seeing as one was right down the street from my office, I took them…


4 Tips for Nursing a Cold (in Style)

I survived my first week in the real world at my first real job. I’ve worked in a number of settings since I was sixteen, and I have to say that every single one of those experiences was worth…


A Very Happy New Year (Landing My Dream Job and Graduating FIT!)

Well, I did it! I finished up at the Fashion Institute of Technology a couple of weeks ago! Because December graduates don’t get a commencement ceremony (it’s combined with the May graduation of the following year), it felt rather anticlimactic. I…