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Internship Must-Haves

As you all may know, I’ve had several internships under my belt. I’m currently doing my fifth at an awesome tech company in New York City.


Getting ready for your fall internship? Here’s what you should stash in your bag:

  • A Tide pen – I may or may not be prone to spills. Namely, coffee or foundation transfers. This pen saves the day.
  • Mints – Some workspaces may not be keen on gum chewing, but mints are a safe bet. Self-explanatory – stay fresh! Little Altoid tins work perfectly.
  • A rollerball – Spraying fragrances can be quite distracting to those around you. Rollerballs allow you to discreetly apply fragrance whenever you’d like. I’d advise veering towards lighter perfumes – no Dior Hypnotic Poison. My rollerball of choice is of course Elizabeth & James Nirvana White (my signature fragrance and a light peony scent).
  • A notebook and a pen – ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a notebook and a pen with you. It’s impossible to intern without it. I can’t stress this enough. Everything you are learning is important: jot it down. It also allows you to record what you’ve been working on throughout the internship. I am a Moleskine addict – I have more than I can count. Coupled with a Pilot pen, I can write away.
  • Petty cash and a MetroCard with money on it – In the event you are asked to run an errand or hop over to the boutique on Madison, it’s good to have a MetroCard ready to go (or other applicable public transit if needed, like a gas card).
  • A portable charger – I like to stay connected whenever possible. I am often active on my office messaging system, my email, and Google Maps simultaneously while blasting Spotify. I also watch The Office on my way home these days (it never gets old), so I like to keep my devices charged. Although it’s rather bulky and not so pretty, my New Trent iCarrier has served me well for several years now. Super durable.
  • A cute pair of headphones (if your office allows) – If your office is cool with you listening to music, you definitely need headphones on hand. Check out these cute gold ear buds from Marshall or your standard Apple EarPods.
  • Cute folders – It’s no secret that I like to stay organized. I like to sort my papers by subject (by event that I’m planning, expenses, PR, etc.) Kate Spade makes these adorable gold polka dotted file folders that I simply couldn’t resist. They’re a little pricey, so if you find something comparable, go for it!
  • A long-staying lip color or balm – It is so annoying to touch up your makeup throughout the day – as much as I love makeup. Some days I just go for this lip balm from the Honest Company. My lips have never felt softer and my favorite one smells like an orange creamsicle! Win win.

Start organizing that handbag. Hopefully, this list will help you feel more prepared for your internship and best of luck! XO

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CHICSTUDIOS x Real Techniques Brushes Event

I’ve been so busy recently with my new full-time internship (and still working beauty on the side) that I haven’t gotten to blog very much. Last night, however, was very blog worthy.

ready to meet @pixiwoos & @nixiepixi1 💕 #RTroadshow

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

Bold Metals


My makeup school, CHICSTUDIOS in Manhattan, hosted the famous PixiWoo – makeup artists Sam and Nic Chapman.

Sam Chapman

Nic Chapman

Baked by Melissa

It was a fun night of mini cupcakes and major makeup tips. Sam and Nic were awesome instructors, taking any and all questions coming their way throughout the demo. Each of them did a gorgeous look on their respective models.

Sam's Finished Look

Nic's Finished Look

Overall, it was such a fun night and I loved getting a chance to meet and speak with these inspiring artists!

sam & nic 💕 super sweet! #RTroadshow #findyourflow #bakedbymelissa #chicstudios

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

Thanks CHICSTUDIOS and Real Techniques for having me!

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Where’d You Go?


Wow – it’s practically June already. And yes, I skipped a month of blogging because I had so much going on. I very well could have posted, but my priority was schoolwork above all.

That ended up being a good move: I got a 4.0 this semester.

I’m still working in beauty, but my interests have shifted towards fragrance more than anything else. Fragrance expresses attitude, memories, and moments. It’s so personal, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with that. Finding the perfect fragrance for a client is like solving a puzzle, and I don’t give up easily. Personally, I like to switch it up, but right now I love Bulletproof from TokyoMilk. It’s smoky and sexy, with a hint of sweetness.

Oddly enough, I’ve found that after makeup school, I’ve been wearing less and less. Granted, I love beauty products and makeup in general, but I’ve found myself increasingly distracted as graduation is fast approaching. Cue soon-to-be college grad panic.

In terms of my makeup looks right now, I’ve kept it simple:

  • I adore my CoverFX foundation, and I use it almost daily. I mix it with a bit of moisturizer, and it allows me to customize the coverage. It’s perfect for the skin issues I’ve been experiencing lately.
  • I’ve been skipping eyeliner altogether. Note: allergy season is evil. After being a staple in my makeup looks since I was about 12, I’ve decided to give it a rest for a little while.
  • Dior and Make Up For Ever mascara are my true loves right now. I’m all about the lashes.
  • I like to go for light eye looks, reaching for my tried and true Naked palette or a combination of my Too Faced Chocolate Bars.
  • I’ve swapped my previous brow product for some taupe brow powder, and I love the softer effect. Chocolate shades are too red for me, and obviously dark brown/black are too Frida Kahlo. Despite having black hair, taupe on the brow is the way to go.
  • I’ve fallen back in love with my Nars Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush, as well as my beloved Dior Amber Diamond highlighter (sadly discontinued).
  • To top it off, I swipe on a bit of lip color from my borderline-outrageous collection, tending to gravitate towards pops of pink from Marc Jacobs’ drool-worthy lip creams.

Sidenote: I disabled comments on the blog because the comments I check more than ever are on social. Tweet me if you want to reach me – it’s an easy, surefire way to engage and one I prefer above Disqus and the like.

Until next time x

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San Francisco Vacation

I’m back from vacation and back in action.

Well, I got back from California almost two weeks ago but hey – deadlines stop for no one.


I spent half my time in San Francisco and flew to LA for the rest (my LA post will be out shortly!). And yes, I did all of that touristy stuff. I couldn’t help it – I hadn’t been there in eight years and I’ll own up to it. I’m an absolute nerd.

I didn’t do my hair once (thank you, CC Cream!) and brought a record-breakingly small amount of makeup. More than anything, I just wanted to unwind and have a relaxing vacation with my family.

On the Way There

We got stuck in terrible traffic on the way to JFK and nearly missed our flight. In the end, things went without a hitch – aside from me running through the terminal with my Macbook in my arms, my charger dangling over my shoulder, hobbling with my feet half in my free runs, and sweating bullets. I’m kind of used to this sprint with New Jersey Transit.

I also did none of the work I planned to on my six-hour flight – whoops.

plane-life san-fran-boundbart-station

Golden Gate Bridge

This is certainly not the GWB. The weather was perfect, and my family and I drove over the bridge while I stuck my head out of the window (dangerous) and took some videos. I was listening to Death Cab and just living in the moment.

We stopped at the observatory to take a bunch of photos. The view was breathtaking.


Lombard Street

I’m a horrible driver, and going down this hill would just be a disaster. My dad, on the other hand, was a total pro. I’m easy to scare, so at multiple points on the way down, he pretended to lose control and speed. Cue white knuckles clutching to the door handles in peril. 

lombard-street overlooking-sf

Pier 39

Pier 39 was full of fun activities, and we walked around and basked in the sun. Last time I came to San Francisco (eight years ago), it was under 40 degrees. Luckily, it was beautiful this time – barely needed a light jacket.


We took a ferry ride around the bay. I enjoyed it for the most part, aside from the whole motion sickness thing. That kind of put a damper on things.

In the evening, we dined at Boudin and it was lovely watching the sun go down. Also, who knew there was a museum dedicated to bread? Carb-lover central.



There isn’t a moment in life where I would turn down chocolate. We headed to (the very packed) Ghirardelli Square, and I ordered a massive mint ice cream. It was glorious. 


Thai Food for Days

We ate a generous amount of Thai food while in San Francisco. I’m addicted. 


Wait, this is a Mall?

I had to stop by Sephora to grab my beloved Boscia Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil, but unfortunately the SF store didn’t have any more in stock. The San Francisco Mall is more like a museum than a mall. Check out their ceilings:

Mall design in SF

Driving Oceanside

Before leaving for our flight to SoCal, my fam and I drove oceanside and visited Half Moon Bay Beach. It was incredibly windy but fun nonetheless. I caught my parents taking selfies multiple times – kind of gross, but pretty cute.


Overall, I had a great time in San Francisco and I really want to move there. Who knows … maybe I just might.

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If I Could Go Back: Tips and Tricks from a Soon-to-be College Graduate

If I could go back

I feel so old. I’m graduating from college in December.

Sometimes, I’m eager to just “get it done,” but I’m finding myself looking back on my time in college more and more as I approach the “finish line.”

This “graduation” concept feels so foreign to me – the past four years have whizzed by.

I’ve learned a lot at my colleges (yes, plural – I transferred from four-year-universities twice). I’m a first-generation American, and when I began my college search, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. To be perfectly honest, my parents didn’t have a handle on this whole “college” thing, and neither did my older sister (because she woke up one morning and randomly decided to study overseas, so she was of no help whatsoever).

Here’s what I wish I had known:

Get your finances together.

I had no idea how I was going to finance college. Frankly, I wish I knew what the hell I was doing. I think that’s the most important part, before you even start looking at schools. Find out how you’re going to pay for college, be it loans, financial aid, grants, scholarships, family, working, or another source. Whatever it might be, figure it out and figure it out early. It’ll definitely alleviate some stress later.

Begin your college search earlier on in high school.

I didn’t go on many college tours. I only visited two campuses in high school – Rutgers and the University of Central Florida. I went on to attend them both. I didn’t really know what I wanted or what I was looking for, and put more thought into my lame supermarket job and my high school “friends” than college. Think about what you want. My ideal school needed to have a great sports team, massive libraries that I could pull all-nighters in, a large student body, no one from my high school, and far, far away from my parents (sorry, 18 and rebellious). That’s great, but perhaps I should’ve put more thought into the programs that the school offered, ie. the actual point of school.


Go Knights!!


Go Knights! … Again!

Focus on your health.

There’s no shame in seeking help regarding your health, be it physical or mental. I wish I had reached out earlier on in my college career when I was struggling. Everyone struggles sometimes. In fact, getting help could have saved me a transfer. More than 25% of college students have been treated for mental health conditions in the past year alone. Brush that stigma off and seek the help you need. Oh, and take your vitamins.


College is about finding out who you are. Granted, some may say it’s an expensive way to do so, but you really can discover so much about yourself in a matter of four, “action-packed” years. It’s important to meet people, join clubs, hang out, and just live, be it late night IHOP runs or helping your floormate practice her dance routine at four in the morning.


Who cares if you’re up late – make it a trenta!

Be a student – and enjoy it.

To put it simply, some of us can afford to focus strictly on schoolwork, whereas others cannot. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t exhausted myself over a few minimum wage shifts when I could’ve been working on projects and studying. Often, people say that when you’re in school, that’s your job. However, I understand that everyone’s situation is different. I wish I had a better sense of my priorities earlier, since that job is not even on my radar anymore.


If I could go back, I would do it all over again.

A real college experience is priceless (even coming from a workaholic).

My first year of college was the best year, but I hope all four years are great for you.

College is scary and college is challenging, but most of all college is rewarding.

Best of luck to you on this journey!

P.S. – My love affair with FIT has dulled down a bit, but do you want to go to FIT? Motivate yourself to get through the final half of the semester with this guide.