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Makeup School Week 3 Update

As Week 3 of makeup school comes to a close, I find myself seeing the artistry around me differently. In particular, I’ve been mentally reassessing the work of artists I know personally and all of those beauty Instagram/YouTube wunderkinds.

One of the most important facets of this makeup education is the clarity. It’s hard to explain. Things are just … different (eloquently put, I’m sure).

Like I described in earlier posts, this has not been a cakewalk. Artistry is hard, especially if you’re normally hard on yourself. My skin seems to be taking the brunt of it (praise God for Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion, ya’ll). Also, I’ve been eating entirely too many macaroons from the fancy patisserie across the street out of stress (or addiction, whatever).

I have been practicing quite a bit (though not enough) and learning about areas of specialty that I could work in.

Mostly, though, I just want to perfect techniques. The artists educating me told me certain things can take years to get just right.


Did I mention that I’m impatient as well?

I’m the whole package, ladies and gents.

Truthfully, sometimes I just want to curl up and pray there’s a magic wand of talent to zap myself with.

Next week, instead of classes, we have little add-ons/electives, or areas of focus. I actually decided to pony up and do two electives instead of one (at an additional cost, but I need it)!

I decided on Focus Techniques because what we work on is some of the most requested trends asked of me (essentially it’s a week-long class hammering down on false lashes, winged liner, smokey eye, and the perfect lip) and because of my background in fashion, I opted to take a Fashion & Runway course as well. Usually when I totally mess up a look, I write it off as avant garde. This way, I’ll actually learn what REAL avant garde work is supposed to look like (ha)!

The final photo shoot practical exam is on Friday. I’m a little nervous about it, and again, I hope it comes out amazing.

This weekend, I’ll be at Sephora anyway (WHICH I LOVE and miss terribly all week long!), so I’ll pick up some extra supplies and whatnot, and I’ll be flipping through magazines to draw inspiration.

Here are some photos from the week that show what I’ve been up to:

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

Oh, and in case you were wondering – juggling FIT on top of all this has been a real treat! #overachieverproblems

I do have one last tidbit of good news, though! My article was on Yahoo! Beauty – AHHH! Crazy times.

Until next week x

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My Life, School

Makeup School Week 2 Update

I can’t believe I’m halfway to becoming a professional, certified makeup artist. Granted, I have a lot more to learn (and perfect) by the time the final photo shoot rolls around, but I’m already rolling in secret beauty tips and tricks!

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

This is my station – I’m still trying to figure out how I like it. I think I need a lot more space, ha!

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

Here’s a look I did on one of my classmates yesterday. I’m seeing some progress, but me being me, I want to do better and be better. Never settle.

In two (rather intensive) weeks, I’ve discovered so much – contouring (correctly), smokey eyes (the right way), and lashes, oh my! Now, that isn’t to say that everything has been daisies and roses. As a perfectionist with high expectations of myself, it’s hard for me when I don’t “land” makeup techniques on the first try. I understand it isn’t realistic, especially when learning an artistic medium, but it doesn’t change how I feel. It sends me into a headspin of debilitating doubt, to the point where I sometimes question whether being an artist is the right path for me.

I know I have to practice, practice, practice and keep trying. After all, I still have two more jam-packed weeks of learning to go.

I’m crossing my fingers that the end product is good.
I just want to be good … my idea of good.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to take deep breaths, enjoy the experience I’ve been wishing for all my life, and know that at the end of the day, if it doesn’t end up looking how I want it to look, I can just wipe it off and try again. 

P.S. – I just pinned a bunch of beautiful makeup looks from the F/W 2015 Runway Shows. Take a look at my Pinterest board!

Follow BEAUTYON7TH’s board FALL 2015 Beauty Trends | Fashion Week on Pinterest.

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A Glimpse At Makeup School + VIDEO!

Guys, it officially began!

The past two days of my life have been so eye opening and exciting, and everything just feels right. I’m smiling like a dork on the train, I’m full of energy, and I’m all around happy.

I guess this is what happens when you pursue what you love. Granted, I still have to juggle travel, college, and retail as well in the next few weeks, but I’m willing to tackle that to hold on to this wonderful feeling.

You know how sometimes you build something up so much and set your expectations so high? I was afraid that would happen with makeup school, because it happens entirely too often with other things.

It didn’t happen. Everything was even better than I imagined!

Due to my weird, PACKED schedule, I’m split between the evening & day courses throughout the week. On the plus side, I get to interact with everyone taking the program, and get to experience multiple instructors.

So far, I’ve been buried in notes, but obviously, because I’m a nerd, I freaking love it. I even bought lip post-its to mark the occasion. I’m hanging onto my instructors’ every word, because there is honestly so much to learn.

I do know some aspects of makeup artistry because I used to freelance here and there and I work at Sephora, but I lack the confidence needed to do a full face of precise makeup in a matter of minutes using the perfect technique for every skin tone, shade, occasion, etc.

Although I can’t record video in my courses, I did a little “follow me around” video (mostly for myself to remember this) incase you’d like to check it out!

Day 2 was a blast, and I’m excited to see how the future goes!! Wish me luck x :)

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Mid-Week Motivation | Follow Your Dreams

I can’t believe that I’ll be starting makeup school on Monday.

This is unreal.

I’ve always wanted to do this and I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

I still have butterflies: partly due to anxiety/paralyzing fear, partly due to excitement.

This is happening, and in honor of this and pursuing your dreams, I’m dedicating this post to following your passion.

Without further ado, here are my favorite quotes from all around the web:

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My Life, School

Calm Before the Storm

In case you haven’t heard, a “crippling” and “historic” blizzard is hitting the northeastern United States HARD right now.



I’m holed up in New Jersey with plenty of provisions (chocolate, coffee, pizza – the works) and fully-charged electronics. I skipped the first day of classes yesterday (for my own safety) and also senioritis (kidding … kind of).

Today has been spent setting up my materials for the new semester (purchasing textbooks, reviewing syllabi, and checking out the assignments that will inevitably murder me). The idea that five of my six professors this semester have a PhD is extremely intimidating. I’m really in for it.

My goal is a 4.0 … which I missed ever so slightly last semester.

Annoyed doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I hope I can keep my grades up while I’m getting my makeup artistry certification. I’m really anxious about juggling them both. We’ll see *crosses fingers*.

So long as I don’t lose power, I will enjoy the next few days makeup-free – with my beloved First Aid Beauty moisturizer on my face and Fresh Sugar Balm on my lips, doing homework and watching Netflix in my pajamas.

If you’re in the same boat and feel like reading some blog posts, boy have I got some for you:

Here’s to hoping you guys are safe and warm wherever you are! x

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