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3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks on a Budget

September is coming to a close, and you know what that means! Believe it or not, Halloween is right around the corner.

I loved Halloween as a kid, wearing costumes from Esmerelda to Amy Winehouse (that cateye was irresistible).

My favorite was a bridal costume I wore in first grade. My mom did my makeup, complete with deep purple eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. I guess I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic, even at age seven.

These days, I’m not so keen on splurging for Halloween costumes at Party City. I’ve found that a good makeup look can go a long way!

Here are three simple Halloween makeup looks that you can achieve with the same three drugstore beauty products:


Get the super simple look:

  • Draw a thin line on your upper lash line using Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner for Snow White & Minnie Mouse. Thicken the line for Morticia!
  • Carefully apply your lashes and make sure you glue the band as close to your lash line as possible! I like them to be nice and wispey to open up my eyes.
  • Swipe on some red lipstick, like this gorgeous one from NYX.
  • And to switch between the looks, switch up your hair! For Morticia Addams, straighten your locks, for Snow White, add a few curls, and for Minnie Mouse? Well, add some ears, and you’re good to go!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a Halloween look, nor will you find yourself stumped an hour before your friend’s Halloween party.

Quick, easy, basic looks that any girl can do!


Fall Favorites

My favorite season is (almost) officially upon us!

The air is getting chillier (to my utter delight), the leaves are changing color, and I am so much happier.

Everything about this season is so enchanting.

Here are my fall favorites, an assortment of items that I’ve absolutely been loving this season:


  • Sniff: I’ve gone through a number of Autumn candles by Bath & Body Works. Autumn is light, crisp, and transports you to an apple field nearby a toasty fire.
  • Write: My final semester of college started a few weeks ago. To stay organized, I purchased this adorable planner, complete with cute quotes and stickers! I am five.
  • Listen: Lana Del Rey’s new album just came out, and it totally captures the romantic, dark moods of the season. “Salvatore” is my favorite track hands down!
  • Adorn: I’ve been looking for the perfect berry shade for fall, and I tracked one down that comes pretty close. It’s high in pigment, moisturizing, and surely does the trick. It’s a staple in my schoolbag.
  • Wear: I am so obsessed with leather trim right now, and leather in general. Leather on booties. Leather trim on blazers. Leather jackets. Leather, leather, leather. FYI – mine happens to be faux leather.

Feel like sharing what you’ve been loving this season? Tweet me @sababok.


Day in the Life: Seventeen Magazine x Essie

I had the opportunity to play with some pretty nail polish with my friends at Seventeen Magazine for Essie’s Fall 2015 Color Collection Preview Event.

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Internship Must-Haves

As you all may know, I’ve had several internships under my belt. I’m currently doing my fifth at an awesome tech company in New York City.


Getting ready for your fall internship? Here’s what you should stash in your bag:

  • A Tide pen – I may or may not be prone to spills. Namely, coffee or foundation transfers. This pen saves the day.
  • Mints – Some workspaces may not be keen on gum chewing, but mints are a safe bet. Self-explanatory – stay fresh! Little Altoid tins work perfectly.
  • A rollerball – Spraying fragrances can be quite distracting to those around you. Rollerballs allow you to discreetly apply fragrance whenever you’d like. I’d advise veering towards lighter perfumes – no Dior Hypnotic Poison. My rollerball of choice is of course Elizabeth & James Nirvana White (my signature fragrance and a light peony scent).
  • A notebook and a pen – ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a notebook and a pen with you. It’s impossible to intern without it. I can’t stress this enough. Everything you are learning is important: jot it down. It also allows you to record what you’ve been working on throughout the internship. I am a Moleskine addict – I have more than I can count. Coupled with a Pilot pen, I can write away.
  • Petty cash and a MetroCard with money on it – In the event you are asked to run an errand or hop over to the boutique on Madison, it’s good to have a MetroCard ready to go (or other applicable public transit if needed, like a gas card).
  • A portable charger – I like to stay connected whenever possible. I am often active on my office messaging system, my email, and Google Maps simultaneously while blasting Spotify. I also watch The Office on my way home these days (it never gets old), so I like to keep my devices charged. Although it’s rather bulky and not so pretty, my New Trent iCarrier has served me well for several years now. Super durable.
  • A cute pair of headphones (if your office allows) – If your office is cool with you listening to music, you definitely need headphones on hand. Check out these cute gold ear buds from Marshall or your standard Apple EarPods.
  • Cute folders – It’s no secret that I like to stay organized. I like to sort my papers by subject (by event that I’m planning, expenses, PR, etc.) Kate Spade makes these adorable gold polka dotted file folders that I simply couldn’t resist. They’re a little pricey, so if you find something comparable, go for it!
  • A long-staying lip color or balm – It is so annoying to touch up your makeup throughout the day – as much as I love makeup. Some days I just go for this lip balm from the Honest Company. My lips have never felt softer and my favorite one smells like an orange creamsicle! Win win.

Start organizing that handbag. Hopefully, this list will help you feel more prepared for your internship and best of luck! XO


CHICSTUDIOS x Real Techniques Brushes Event

I’ve been so busy recently with my new full-time internship (and still working beauty on the side) that I haven’t gotten to blog very much. Last night, however, was very blog worthy.

ready to meet @pixiwoos & @nixiepixi1 💕 #RTroadshow

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

Bold Metals RTRoadshow My makeup school, CHICSTUDIOS in Manhattan, hosted the famous PixiWoo – makeup artists Sam and Nic Chapman.

Sam Chapman

Nic Chapman

Baked by Melissa

It was a fun night of mini cupcakes and major makeup tips. Sam and Nic were awesome instructors, taking any and all questions coming their way throughout the demo. Each of them did a gorgeous look on their respective models.

Sam's Finished Look

Nic's Finished Look

Overall, it was such a fun night and I loved getting a chance to meet and speak with these inspiring artists!

sam & nic 💕 super sweet! #RTroadshow #findyourflow #bakedbymelissa #chicstudios

A photo posted by Saba Bokhari (@sababok) on

Thanks CHICSTUDIOS and Real Techniques for having me!