Update: NYC Living (Finally)

I finally moved to New York a few weeks ago. I still haven’t finished tinkering around with my room’s decor, so I’ve yet to snap a photo of it. However, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this awesome view my first night here. It sure beats the train from Jersey …


Being a student leader at my school this year is … interesting. I toured new students around the campus and forced them to talk to each other through awkward ice breakers all week long. Oh, the memories. Through that experience, I met a lot of other involved students, and it’s comforting to have more familiar faces (note that it’s kind of tough socializing as a workaholic commuter).


And … I started my new internship last week (#4)!

I’ve only worked a few days but I’m excited for what’s to come. I’ve already grown close to my fellow interns and everyone there is pretty great. I feel that I have a lot to learn so might as well dive right in … only days before fashion week begins! As you can tell, I have excellent timing.

Classes began last week and mine are super interesting. I’ve always been eager to learn so I imagine this semester will be no different.

Moving to campus has definitely alleviated a lot of my stress, though it isn’t necessarily cost efficient. If you’re a soon-to-be FIT student reading this, live in the dorms during your first semester (at the very least)! I showed new students to their dorms during move-in weekend, too, visiting every resident hall. Truly not too shabby (for NYC).


Here are a few more photos I took over the past few weeks (all iPhone/on-the-go):

beautyon7th_elenis_cupcakes beautyon7th_moma_2 beautyon7th_walking_nyc

I have a hundred different thoughts running through my mind and I’m so excited to begin multiple projects while juggling school & my new internship.

I hope you returning students enjoy the calm before the storm that is the new semester (and NYFW)!

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Set Your Goals for the School Year!


As you might have guessed, “Blogust” is totally not happening: I admit, I may have been a little ambitious with that idea. You might have noticed things look a little different around here, too. New logo/header, graphics, fonts, the whole nine. I just wanted something cleaner/easier to navigate. Thoughts?

Also, it’s that time of year again. Back to school!

I’m moving into the dorms at FIT next week, which I am so excited about (and haven’t stopped talking about since I put down my deposit. You’d understand if you took a ride on my state’s public transportation). Yes, commuting from where I live now is somewhat doable, tons of people do ride it daily, but it truly takes a toll. (Psst - Here’s my survival guide for those of you still commuting.)

I’ve recently dedicated my time to working on getting everything sorted for my move. So far, I’ve purchased bedding, an iron, salt & pepper shakers, a coffee maker, and hangers. What else does a girl need, right? (Um, A LOT.) Kind of stressful. I’m sure that over the next few days, I’ll stockpile enough supplies to make my little section of the dorm room feel like a home (hmm, not quite a Park Ave princess just yet).

As I’ve referred to in previous posts, I’m figuring out what I’d like to accomplish in terms of my short-term & long-term goals. Here are some of them:

  1. (Attempt to) get a 4.0 this fall – I’m taking on a larger course load than ever before, but I’m determined.
  2. Work hard at my new internship. I completed my last internship on Friday, and I’ve recently been offered another exciting opportunity! I haven’t “formally” announced it yet, but I will closer to my start date. Hint: it’s for an amazing womenswear designer … stay tuned!
  3. Get more involved at FIT - I was selected to be a Student Ambassador to represent FIT at Orientation and more. Perhaps I’ll explore writing for the school paper, as well.
  4. Experience NYC - From galleries to coffee shops, I want to immerse myself in all that this beautiful city has to offer.
  5. Wear less makeup – WHAT? From a self-proclaimed beauty addict/beauty blogger? Yes. I’m trying to work on caring for my skin more and MAYBE even going sans maquillage? Well … slow and steady wins the race. However, in the event I’m exhausted, I’ll be sure to use these tips and tricks to look awake.
  6. Meet more people/Spend time with loved ones - I hope to meet more people this fall, especially after my bestie moved back to India (SID COME BACK). I’m planning to spend more time with my friends, too, because graduation is coming sooner than we think. I’m actually popping over to MoMA and the like this weekend to catch up with a good friend (the Carrie to my Miranda). Don’t forget that good friends and family keep you grounded.

Have you set your goals for the school year yet? If you’re not feeling motivated/feeling pretty blah, here are my tips on getting to work and kicking some major butt!

Let’s DO this.

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10 Ways to Recover from a Terrible Day

10 Ways to Recover from a Terrible Day - BEAUTYON7TH.COM

Let’s do something a little different.

This is not a “happy” post.

This is a post for the days where you breakup with your boyfriend of two and a half years, get homesick for your miniature pinscher and miss how the pizza tasted at that one place in town, or the days where you wake up late, your train is delayed, and you arrive at work only to find that your MacBook has been stolen (on a Monday).

Okay, now that we have established that your day/week/month has been awful, let’s turn that around.

  1. Pop in your headphones, and listen to the guided meditations on Calm.Com. Let go, even if it’s only for 2-5 minutes.
  2. Sometimes Spotify just understands you. On one particularly tough day, I blasted this one and transitioned into this one. Music heals.
  3. Search “#puppiesofinstagram” on Instagram and scroll through the photos. Puppies … puppies everywhere. You’re welcome.

  4. Navigate through Vine’s curated comedy feed and I promise you’ll laugh. You’ll find the strangest stuff on Vine: these people are my people.
  5. Take 10 minutes and call your folks (or the friends that you consider family). Checking in with your loved ones can often make a world of a difference.
  6. Browse your favorite lifestyle blogs or AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE: it all depends on how you will react. It might be nice to browse through a stranger’s lovely little life on the internet, or it can be a terrible decision (and end up with you in fetal position crying about why you don’t have a neurosurgeon/part-time photographer boyfriend named Emanuel to take your outfit shots and a teacup designer puppy named Wishes). Not like that’s happened to me or anything …
  7. Take a moment and evaluate if you’re taking care of yourself. Do you get enough sleep? Are you eating healthy meals? Do you have a healthy work-life balance? When was your last physical? It’s common knowledge that these factors can impact your mood, but life just happens and your health can fall off your radar.
  8. Don’t chop off all your hair until you are of sound mind. DON’T. After going through some dramatic situations, you may feel inclined to get a dramatic new style to go along with it. I know from experience that you can regret it terribly the next day, no matter how badly you “wanted” the transformative chop in the moment. Kindly note that bob cuts really don’t suit a rounder face like mine (especially when you cut it yourself). Womp.
  9. Following my last tip, transform your look with something you can wipe off immediately afterwards if you so desire. Head over to CVS or your local drugstore, buy a lipstick that catches your eye, and swipe that baby on like there’s no tomorrow. I remember the first time I wore a bright pink lipstick. I felt stronger and sassier, all from a $4 tube of pigment. Give it a whirl.
  10. Create a new private blog on Tumblr or LiveJournal and just vent your heart out. Grammar, syntax, and feigned politeness can go out the window. Get it all out. To those unfamiliar with the concept, this is also known as having a journal, except you can rest assured that your older sister won’t pop open the Hello Kitty lock with a bobby pin and read it to her friends.

Life isn’t always daisies and roses, and you may not be able to crawl into your bed and watch every season of One Tree Hill on Netflix for ages. Although there are definitely bigger problems in the world than say, not landing your dream job right out of college or someone stealing your credit card info to spend extravagantly in Italy, everyone deserves a way to stop feeling so lousy.

I hope these cost-effective tips help you or inspire you.

Here’s to a less gloomy future!

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Fourth of JULY Already?

Happy fourth of July, US readers! I hope you’re ready for cookouts and some summertime fun! Unfortunately, it’s been pouring over here on the east coast – it doesn’t look like we’ll be celebrating in a grand American fashion.

I got a manicure and pedicure yesterday in patriotic colors before the storm hit – nothing extravagant, though. I would normally do them myself, but I have an engagement to attend to this weekend (keeping it hush hush for now). I have Essie’s Jag-u-are on my fingernails and Essie’s In the Cab-ana on my toes (I think).


It’s no secret that I don’t post often. However, I’m thinking about taking on a bit of a challenge next month: Blogust. There’s already a YouTube challenge called Vlogust, but one step at a time. By taking part in this challenge, I would post every day for all 31 days of August. AH. Okay – I’m giving it some thought.


Ever since Ramadan started, all I want during the day is a few cups of coffee and/or a caramel latte by my office. I just ditched Starbucks for a local shop and they have such amazing drinks, I’m addicted.

Speaking of the office, I’m nearing my last few weeks at my current internship. I’ve been there since March and I’ve learned so much. Right now, we’re getting ready for our next big campaign which involves a lot of writing and strategy. It’s pretty great to learn from such talented and patient people.


The new semester is starting soon, and I can’t wait! A few months ago, I changed my major only to change it back to my original one: Advertising and Marketing Communications. It was a headache trying to get back into my program, but it all worked out (YAY). If I hadn’t changed my major, I could’ve possibly gone to Paris but HEY everything happens for a reason! I might be taking a trip to the UK in the winter anyway, so perhaps I’ll hop on a train and pop over for a few days (you know, as one does …).


I’ve been doing this thing where I’m trying to find out what my one true passion is. I’ve been taking questionnaires, watching videos and reading self-help books. I’m finding that my passion might just be self-help! Ha. At this time, I’m trying to figure out my next steps. I am already a workaholic – it would be great if my work in the future affected the world for the better (and also afforded me a comfortable lifestyle to fuel my makeup & coffee addiction, because I’m nuts).

Today will be spent relaxing and spending time to evaluate what it is that I truly want. Soul searching instead of fireworks, thanks Hurricane or whatever you are. These days don’t come around often, and I intend to take advantage.

I hope you have a safe and happy weekend! If the rain’s got you down, check out this post for some ideas.

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Burning My Skin Off & Aftermath: A Skincare Review

Recently I’ve been switching up my skincare and have tried something that I was initially terrified of: OIL.


I hate the feeling of grease and the slimy slickness of oily products, and I think it’s due to years of “training” from a variety of sources. Everyone from beauty writers in magazines past to online reviewers warned against oil on the skin at all costs, casting it under an umbrella of “comedogenic products.”

I consider myself lucky to have never really struggled with major skin problems. For reference, I have mildly sensitive, allergy-prone combination skin.

Recently, I had a bit of a breakout (nothing insane), so I decided to finally try out this Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix treatment.


Long story short: I burned off a layer of my skin in those areas. Ouch. It actually felt like my skin was on fire. I used my finger to apply it (not globs, either, just a small amount as the label suggested), and it, too, was chemically burned.

I freaked out and finally calmed my burning skin down by washing it off profusely with cold water. This is what happens when you try new things, right? Not necessarily.

After that incident, you would imagine that I’d be discouraged from trying new things for a while. However, something intrigued me about the marketing of facial oil. It was usually “pure, natural, 100% this and that.” At the time, “all-natural” seemed like a great solution following the chemical-induced product mishap.

So, I’ve been trying out a combination of Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment and a sample of Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil for about a week or two now. I lightly layer them on a freshly washed face, and upon seeing my skin change, I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. My skin feels more glowy and moisturized, as if it took a big drink of water. My makeup looks better (slowly veering away from the “full-face” look and gradually trying to switch to lighter coverage), and it’s nice and smooth. The New York City pollutants and a stressful day can wreak havoc on skin, so I try to do the best I can.


Only recently have I been placing more emphasis on skincare. I don’t know why I didn’t care as much in high school – I would be caking on the foundation like it was my job and sleeping with my makeup on constantly.

Better late than never, I guess!

Key Takeaway?

The feeling of oil on your face is definitely an adjustment. After talking with my doctor, it appears that I may be allergic to that Murad treatment, but these facial oils are a-ok.

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