A Glimpse At Makeup School + VIDEO!

Guys, it officially began!

The past two days of my life have been so eye opening and exciting, and everything just feels right. I’m smiling like a dork on the train, I’m full of energy, and I’m all around happy.

I guess this is what happens when you pursue what you love. Granted, I still have to juggle travel, college, and retail as well in the next few weeks, but I’m willing to tackle that to hold on to this wonderful feeling.

You know how sometimes you build something up so much and set your expectations so high? I was afraid that would happen with makeup school, because it happens entirely too often with other things.

It didn’t happen. Everything was even better than I imagined!

Due to my weird, PACKED schedule, I’m split between the evening & day courses throughout the week. On the plus side, I get to interact with everyone taking the program, and get to experience multiple instructors.

So far, I’ve been buried in notes, but obviously, because I’m a nerd, I freaking love it. I even bought lip post-its to mark the occasion. I’m hanging onto my instructors’ every word, because there is honestly so much to learn.

A Glimpse At Makeup School + VIDEO! chic_studios_beautyon7th-1024x639

I do know some aspects of makeup artistry because I used to freelance here and there and I work at Sephora, but I lack the confidence needed to do a full face of precise makeup in a matter of minutes using the perfect technique for every skin tone, shade, occasion, etc.

Although I can’t record video in my courses, I did a little “follow me around” video (mostly for myself to remember this) incase you’d like to check it out!

Day 2 was a blast, and I’m excited to see how the future goes!! Wish me luck x :)


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